Staff ID Cards

What are staff ID cards?

We can provide photo ID Cards for staff and students. The ID cards are standard credit card size and are most often used as school staff identity cards and badges. Other possible uses for our ID cards include library cards, travel passes and club memberships. These ID cards are printed straight onto plastic for longevity and security.

Please Note: If you'd like a specific design, please supply us with details of your preferred layout.

Staff ID Cards

Staff ID Cards can include any or all of the following:

First name, last name, school name, student/staff image, school logo, address, job title

How do we create your staff ID cards?

The first step is to provide us with all the details that you want to appear on the finished ID cards. We will then produce special barcode sheets which the photographer will bring to the school with them when they come to take the photos for your ID cards. These are used to ensure that your staff photos are matched to the data you require on the finished staff ID cards back at our lab. You will then receive your finished staff ID cards within a few days of your photography session.

What do staff ID cards cost?

If you book us for one of our individual portrait collections in the same school year then we do not charge you for our photographer's attendance (normally £60/hour including travelling time). The staff ID cards themselves cost £5 each but again if you're using us for your student's individual portrait photography then we are able to offer the ID cards for half price. Any accessories such as holders, clips or lanyards can also be provided at a 50% discount. We may also run special offers on staff ID cards from time to time so we'd recommend checking our offers page on a regular basis.

What if we use a different photographer?

That's not a problem. If your photographer can provide you with the images of your staff suitable for printing then we will be able to print the staff ID cards for you. If you don't have many and are happy with a basic ID card design then you can order them directly from HERE

If you need a lot of ID cards printing or need a custom design then we'd recommend emailing us with your requirements and we'll get back to you with details on the best way to proceed.


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